Power trip

December 1st, 2023|News, Opinion|

After writing Letters to the Editor and giving public comment, Marcia Mansaray traveled across the country to inform public health professionals about how she used her position to push back against elected county commissioners who oversee the Health Department.

Public Health & Democrat Activist Lawfare

November 27th, 2023|News, Opinion|

“Many on the political left have pushed the lie that conservatives ‘distrust public health.’ It isn’t public health policy that we have come to distrust, but rather how it is used by the Left to cloak their partisan agenda.” —Representative Jim Banks, Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District

Abolition of the DEI Department has the Left questioning local effects

September 8th, 2023|News, Opinion|

From its inception at the end of 2018 to its demise in 2023, the estimated cost of the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Department was just over $1.1 million. So, just what impact did the DEI Department have on mental health, suicide rates, and the county’s racial make-up? Does its abolition put citizens at risk? Should residents worry now that Ottawa County dissolved its DEI Department? The political left says, “Yes.”

Proposed budget cuts cause social media meltdown for Ottawa County Interim Health Director

August 31st, 2023|Current, Opinion|

“The County will not stand for any attempts by the Department of Public Health to cut essential programs unnecessarily, for political spectacle or media theatrics. The families who are served by the Department of Public Health deserve better, and will not be political pawns.” —Ottawa County Press Release, August 28, 2023

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