We Are Simply American

Published March 8, 2023
Written by Reagan
Photography by Simply American

America is an exceptional nation made up of a diverse and beautiful people. We share a rich history of triumph over adversity, built on the strength of America’s founding documents which celebrate and protect the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Nestled between Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan, the people of Ottawa County have a deep love for America, individual freedoms, and traditional American values— the bedrock of our vibrant communities.

Today, as failed leaders bring our nation swiftly towards decline, President Reagan’s parting words are compelling, “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” In these days of national crisis, it is critical to not only see, but to speak.

Truthful Journalism is Necessary

Truthful journalism and honest cultural conversations are necessary as an antidote to the leaders and social justice movement rapidly shifting America away from traditional values and towards socialism and communism.

News media in Michigan’s most conservative county has proven to be untrustworthy and biased against the majority of the people it serves. Acting as Democrat Activist Media, the legacy news has promoted a progressive agenda and repeatedly defamed conservatives as extremists and Christian Nationalists, rather than providing unbiased and true content.

Truthful journalism in the legacy news media is dead, replaced by active promotion of progressive, socialist, and communist-aligned ideology. Media Gestapo coverage of everyday Americans who don’t agree and act in step with propagandized Marxist ideology is increasing.

We reject the propaganda and bully tactics of the local news media, and the defamation of good people. Our people are not deplorable or extreme. They are Simply American.

Simply American Media Was Created

At this moment of national importance and in the grievous absence of truthful local news, Simply American Media was created. We have gathered thoughtful, strong voices out of our communities to defend our piece of America. Our mission is to connect, inform, and inspire our people with truthful journalism and honest cultural conversations.

We will defend the traditional American values of our nation’s founding, and expose harmful ideologies which threaten those values and freedom itself. We will not tell readers what to think, but provoke thought and truly listen to our people. We will highlight what unites us, and bring a refreshing celebration of the goodness of our people and our communities.

While we vigorously defend freedom, we will remember, “We must be ruthless with ideas, but gentle with people.” Robert Sirico

We Need You

In partnership with truthful journalism, an active people jealous for liberty and the beauty of traditional American values is needed to protect our communities and nation. Quite simply, we need you.

We are in a struggle of ideas to determine the future of our nation. We join the contagious spirit of those who have been willing to give their lives for freedom. As we struggle for the minds and hearts of our local communities and nation, please share the courageous voices gathered here to encourage others.

We are Simply American. Americans who love God, our country, and our children. And we love you. Please join us in defending our piece of America!